Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slaughterhouse - Five Literary Term: Satire

  • Def.- human vice or folly attacked by irony or wit
  • Ex.- pg. 168, "nobody held it against him [the robot] that he dropped jellied gasoline on people. But they found his halitosis unforgivable. But then he cleared that up, and he was welcomed to the human race"
  • Context- Billy just saw Kilgore Trout talking to a young boy who worked for him that wanted to quit, and he called him a "gutless wonder" which reminded Billy of Trout's book of the same title.
  • Concept- Vonnegut uses this satire to
  • Connection- criticize human shallowness and the destruction that was being caused by the use of napalm during the Vietnam War.

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