Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slaughterhouse - Five Chapter 4 Focus Questions

1. Who do you think the drunk is that called Billy on his daughter's wedding night?
  • Vonnegut
2. How does the message of the war movie change when it is viewed backwards?
  • it seems as though they are trying to fix everything and war impossible from then on, when really they wanted to destroy "the enemy"
3. How do the Tralfamadorians answer when Billy asks "why me?" What do you think is significant about being "trapped in the amber of this moment"?
  • "Because this moment simply is... There is no why."
  • it shows the idea that Billy has no choice in the matter, it reveals the theme of the illusion of free will

4. Why do the other POWs refuse to let Billy sleep near them?
  • he kicks, whimpers, and yells in his sleep
5. What does Weary tell the other men in his car before he dies?
  • to avenge his death by killing Billy
6. Describe the coat that Billy receives when he arrives at the prison camp.
  • crumpled and frozen, stained, looked as though there was a dead animal frozen to it
7. What does the Tralfamadorian say about Earth?
  • "Only on Earth is there any talk of free will."


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  2. Slaughter House Five is a book only read by being forced upon. The story lines are so out of order. The main character is an oblivion at the start of the book. The understanding that the main character, Billy, has PTSD and is having nightmares is never told. With this book you have to read between the lines a lot. You never know what is really happening, and what is just a dream. Slaughter House Five didn't slaughter my reading enthusiasm in a good way. The book could of been composed better.