Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slaughterhouse - Five Chapter 7 Focus Questions

1. Describe the plane crash in which Billy is injured.
  • plane is full of optometrists, it "took off without incident"
  • a barbershop quartet was singing Polish songs for his father-in-law
  • crashes in Vermont, everybody but Billy and the copilot die
  • rescued by Austrians speaking German, Billy thinks he is back in the war
2. What do Billy, Gluck, and Derby discover in the first building they enter while looking for the slaughterhouse kitchen?
  • naked girls showering
3. What does the war widow in the kitchen think of Billy, Gluck, and Derby?
  • that none of them are real soldiers
4. How do the Americans get vitamins and minerals?
  • they spoon it out from the syrup for pregnant women that is being made in the factory they are working at


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